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WDE Defender 1.5

Going down into the dark dungeon, you were not afraid, but you should not be so careless in such places. Soon you heard sounds that did not look like crumbling stones (which is a very common occurrence) and even did not closely resemble the sounds ma
Freeware | 39.80 Mb

Brutal Zone 1.4

Something incomprehensible is going on in the world. Information about the attack of unknown creatures on people comes from everywhere. But so far these are only rumors. But one day, portals opened at your plant and crowds of zombies rushed from ther
Freeware | 188.48 Mb

OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software 10.0.35

OsMonitor employee monitoring software is designed for network computer monitoring. You can find every detail of your employees' computer on server. OsMonitor has a tiny file size which we believe is the smallest among all of the same products.
$99 | 3.86 Mb

Dead Defence 2.6

However well people live, some always want to live better. Such people are willing to do anything, even to destroy other people for their own benefit. It is because of this, they created a secret "dark" lab where scientists are trying to create a vir
Freeware | 76.98 Mb

The Jumper 4.6

You play for a cyborg who has a sudden yearning for freedom. Enough with being an iron guinea pig. To escape, it is necessary to pass from one room of experiences to another, and escape all of them.
Freeware | 8.67 Mb

Slizz 6.5

Cheerful platformer about a bizarre creature, trying to survive on an unknown planet ... Need to jump, run, collect bonuses and destroy hostile creatures who are not so little ...
Freeware | 9.14 Mb

Metal Ball Roll 3D 1.8

Welcome to the MetalBallRoll 3D game! It is a small but very interesting 3d arcade - platformer. It is available on Windows. Here you are going to drive a metal ball through many different obstacles. Currently there are 9 available levels. Each le
Freeware | 0 Kb

Paper Cut 2.3

Compete with other randomly generated cubes and become the king of the hill. You also have to take a seat in front of everyone else. You can even take an aggressive approach and eliminate others from the game. Have fun!
Freeware | 17.81 Mb

Vampir Smile 3.4

Once in the Halloween Smiley escaped from the evil pumpkins. Help him do it? Support him in this. Excellent dynamic game! Colorful levels! Good Luck!
Freeware | 8.77 Mb

Fisherman of Fortune 2.1

Become a real experienced fisherman with this addictive game. Not only the fans of fishing, but also those who never ever went to fishing will definitely enjoy this game.
Freeware | 1.63 Mb

Switcher 1.4

Avoid blocks in this new endless addictive game.One mistake will reset your progress making this game only for hardcore gamers.
Freeware | 15.67 Mb

The Path Of Stratius 2 2.9

The journey of the magician Stratius continues! Once again, jumping into the portal, he was in a very unusual place. And again there are many, many enemies ... But where could the next portal be? Try to find it with Stratius!!!
Freeware | 241.99 Mb

ColoRythms 4.0

Main goal - to provide transportation of particles of a certain color into the corresponding receivers. Generator generates particles which can have up to five different colors. For the transportation of particles need to use switches and rotators (i
Freeware | 15.39 Mb

DnBX005 Drum Machine 1.00

Can you feel the beat?
Freeware | 3.71 Mb

Mahjong Epic 2 1.0

For more than six years, millions of people across the world have enjoyed the original Mahjong Epic. This new and improved sequel brings the game to all new heights!
$9.95 | 34.25 Mb

Necromancer Secrets of the World 5.0

Necromancer - A simple platform game. Time flies when you're having fun which is exactly what you will do. It's an easy game to merely finish, but if you want to rack up as many points as possible, you'll need to be crafty! We know you can do this..
Freeware | 11.52 Mb

Trick Mania 8.0

Racing with hurricane of extreme, car customizations, sea of bonuses, various jumps and aggressive opponents! Collect all the bonuses, and show the enemies what you can do!
Freeware | 51.40 Mb

Trick Mania 3.2

Racing with hurricane of extreme, car customizations, sea of bonuses, various jumps and aggressive opponents! Collect all the bonuses, and show the enemies what you can do!
Freeware | 51.56 Mb

Real Spy Software 2012 3.21

PC monitoring software for home & office. Receive log reports remotely.
$49.99 | 0 Kb

Gunny Bunny Double Sight 1.00

With dual guns blazing, go on a rampage.
Freeware | 5.24 Mb

Shuri Kun 2.1

Once upon a time in one non-pan-american country there was a little village and there was a little fellow called Shuri. And like other boys in this village he was a ninja-trainee. Cause it was a ninja village by the way...
Freeware | 5.92 Mb

Draw And Play 1.8

In this game you will draw and jumping on the lines that you drew. Draw bridges and stairs, try not to fall into spikes and traps.
Freeware | 12.35 Mb

Kill All Zombies 3.7

Zombie apocalypse has arrived! Perhaps you are the only survivor! Kill all the zombies and become the king of the world! Do not let the zombies deprive you of things to do.
Freeware | 18.06 Mb

Need For Vaz 2106 3.4

Need For Vaz 2106 Authentic behavior of cars thanks to realistic physics, the mad rush of adrenaline, and the possibility of driving with a jeweler's precision! Can you? Hold out on the highway without falling into the icy water?
Freeware | 58.96 Mb

MyPlayCity Puzzles 2.1

This logical game will definitely be enjoyed by players of all ages, since it has been specifically made to help you to have a relaxing break and spend a good time at a PC screen.
Freeware | 2.00 Mb

Ball Bull 1.6

In this game you will try to catch a naughty ball, which each time will become faster and faster ... How many times can you catch him?
Freeware | 44.11 Mb

Rencounter 2.8

Rencounter is turn-based Role Paying Game with time-based mechanic.
Freeware | 64.08 Mb

Toolbox 3.1

Makes six completely different types of worksheet - crosswords, wordsearches, scrambled words and text, text mazes and coded text.
$3 | 1.47 Mb

Project Plat 2 1.2

ProjectPlat 2 - An incredibly addicting quest game that hides much more than just a platformer behind it! To find the real ending, you need to really try and fulfill all the conditions of the game, can you?
Freeware | 54.63 Mb

Jump And Roll 3.3

Addictive 3D arcade game in which you have to collect coins to get to the next level. Beautiful graphics and well-chosen music make the game more exciting.
Freeware | 10.39 Mb

Facebook Profile Spy 2013 11.16

Logs Facebook activities, chats, emails, web sites and more.
$49.99 | 0 Kb

Extrime Drive Live In Speed 6.2

A racing simulator with good graphics and accurate physics. Race one of four supercars and overtake rivals. Pick from a Lamborghini, Peugeot, GMC and Ferrari.
Freeware | 110.92 Mb

Cubez 6.4

Fiery blend of Minecraft and Portal. The game forces you to stretch your gyrus. Build a "bridge" of special cubes for to exit a location.
Freeware | 9.07 Mb

Monster Dungeons 2 2.2

It's been a couple of years since the retaking of basements from the monsters. Everyone has already forgotten those days. Now people descended into their basements without fear. But now the power is out, and you descended for repair work and saw the
Freeware | 151.47 Mb

Town Sinister Monsters 2 2.8

New monsters flooded the town and the people hid. All hope lies on you and once again you have to take up arms. Look for weapons in the city and kill the monsters.
Freeware | 169.85 Mb

Jungle Strike 1.95

3d action game, vehicular combat. Drive your Humvee through enemy bases in the jungle and find all secret documents.
Freeware | 22.00 Mb

American Billiard Pool free 1.0

American Billiard free: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 14+1, 3-Ball, Snooker
Freeware | 20.60 Mb

Only Forward 5.1

You are a vagrant boy who is just trying to survive however you can, scraping together some food. After coming across a couple sticks of dynamite, you go on a fishing trip that could feed you for awhile. Unfortunately, this is illegal and you..
Freeware | 11.43 Mb

Stone Settlement 2 1.0

The stone buildings were not like human ones. However, having decided to rest in one of them, you heard the stomp of a large crowd. Looking outside, we immediately saw the monsters running at you. It looks like this is their settlement and no one is
Freeware | 730.56 Mb