Software tag 'basketball games'


Small Racers 3.6

Dynamic racing game with smart AI and 5 game modes. Impressive game! You will be satisfied.
Freeware | 15.80 Mb

Runica 2.1

In this game you will have to destroy the magical runes that will appear from the bottom of the screen. What's going to be your record in this game?
Freeware | 10.55 Mb

Lammas RPG Adventure 1.0

Protect the city from evil cacti, fight with the bosses, get new equipment, explore the world, the Sheriff is waiting for you!
Freeware | 94.88 Mb

Skip Rock 1.00

Gracefully skip the rock as far as possible.
Freeware | 1.26 Mb

PacSmiley 1.2.3

Chomp the pumpkins and fruit PacMan style! 50 levels with many Bonuses!
$10 | 0 Kb

Falco Super Flight 6.1

Welcome to the Super Flight! Take your aerocycle and begin to play! You aim is to clear the sky from these bad guys!
Freeware | 6.97 Mb

Mystery06.exe 1.0

New Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle #6 - the clue is 'Glass ceiling' and is of medium diffaculty.
Freeware | 482 Kb

Me Alone 2 6.9

The mysterious and frightening Me Alone returns in a new guise! abandoned city, teeming with creatures, waiting for your blood!
Freeware | 31.85 Mb

Death Planet 1.00

Dodge and blast your way to the Death Star.
Freeware | 404 Kb

Napoleon Toadamite 1.00

Napoleon dwelves into the world of Nintendo.
Freeware | 1.36 Mb

Indiana Jones 1.00

The famous Jones returns in this platformer.
Freeware | 1.62 Mb

Infinite Space Shooter 1.2

Space is endless ... But even in it the enemies do not sleep. Dodge and shoot! Beat the friends record? Go ahead then!
Freeware | 20.54 Mb

Dustan Soul Adventures CD/DVD Creator 5.2

Create your Custom Business Card or full size CDs. Program uses multimedia, interactive, Customizable Adventure to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and easy to understand way. It is customizable so you can personalize it as desired.
$9.95 | 6.50 Mb

Cubonoid 4.4

Cubonoid is an interesting and exciting game of the "Arkanoid" genre. You need to beat the racket ball and take down the cubes.
Freeware | 14.09 Mb

DotBot 1.13

Arcade fun for the whole family. Navigate the mazes, collect all the metal parts and scare those BadBots! Pick up bonuses along the way and try to find some of the games secrets. This game is made with 3 goals in mind. Fun, fun, fun!
$20 | 13.61 Mb

Hard Catch 2.4

A simple but fascinating Time Killer about survival in the jungle. Dodge all shells and collect all fruit to win!
Freeware | 62.30 Mb

Running Rocket 1.3

We run, overcome all kinds of obstacles, collect precious crystals, complete tasks and unlock new characters.
Freeware | 358.28 Mb

Poco Game 1.6

Small platformer game. Finish levels to play the other levels :)
Freeware | 53.52 Mb

What Is 1.0

Playing as Bob the robot, you just need to pass through the levels, and shrink yourself at times to get into hard to reach places.
Freeware | 4.50 Mb

Harzet 2 1.8

They say that you can get rich if you overcome the trials of nature! There were no volunteers who would agree to pass this test. But you decided that you will get everything and you will definitely pass it!
Freeware | 16.26 Mb

Earth Balls 2.2.4

Control your Earth Balls and UFO Ship to defeat the aliens Breakout style!
$12 | 0 Kb

Kylmen 3.6

Very interesting, 4-level game requiring sound mind and intelligence. What is it? See for yourself. Play and enjoy!
Freeware | 4.25 Mb

Cruces 2 1.3

Continuation of the game Crysis. It is heavier than the first part. It has improved graphics. Management is the same. Come on, play it.
Freeware | 16.88 Mb

Valley Of Bones 1.2

The hero was expelled from the village for his misdeed, nobody is quite sure which one, but it is believed to have been cowardice. And now, on the outskirts of the forest, exhausted from hunger, he realizes that he needs help not only to survive, but
Freeware | 35.11 Mb

Element Saga 1.00

Saga reimagined as a fighting game.
Freeware | 5.08 Mb

Car For Money 1.6

Car for money - an exciting game where you have to drive a car. The game has 2 big cards. Also will meet you: * Large space * nice graphics * easy operation * well-developed car model * good sounds And much more. Drive a car and show everyone
Freeware | 38.43 Mb

Luck Gurdian 2.1

This game is about an Irish man who was sitting in the forest counting his gold and luck.
Freeware | 18.66 Mb

Space Rocket 2.0

Fly in the space, collect coins, upgrade your rocket. Dial the best record!
Freeware | 16.47 Mb

Racers Club 3.7

Become a member of Club racers. Choose a track, car and go! Prove to everyone that you do not scratch!
Freeware | 33.19 Mb

Sonic the Hedgehog 1.0

This is the first of many games starring Sega's premier rodent, Sonic. It's a side scrolling platform game with a difference: speed. Sonic rushes through levels with incredible speed, allowing him to traverse loops and jumps with ease.
Freeware | 0 Kb

X Plus 1.6

Top Down arcade game, X + is a game for two players, with an electronic style and a simple and intuitive interface. Find out whose response is better!
Freeware | 12.39 Mb

Gold Ball 5.8

Another iteration of the timeless Arkanoid with interesting graphics, special effects, and many types of blocks and bonuses. But this time it's not so simple.
Freeware | 9.39 Mb

Falco American Pool 8.1

Try to run the table with this stunning 3D billiards simulation. The highly-realistic physics gives you true-to-life ball behavior.
Freeware | 14.24 Mb

Heavy Truck Parking 8.0

Heavy Truck Parking is a new and exciting game that will test your driving and parking skills! Offering a unique driving experience with excellent 3D graphics is what it's all about. Really the goal of this game is to park in designated areas, and dr
Freeware | 58.06 Mb

Heavy Truck Parking 3.3

Heavy Truck Parking is a new and exciting game that will test your driving and parking skills! Offering a unique driving experience with excellent 3D graphics is what it's all about. Really the goal of this game is to park in designated areas, and dr
Freeware | 58.23 Mb

Dark Maze 1.3

You are the light in a dark maze, and you must find a way out! Control your light with W / A / S / D or Shooter.
Freeware | 17.33 Mb

Thing Thing Arena 1.00

You are the ultimate engineered weapon!
Freeware | 4.84 Mb

Give To Live 1.4

In this game, you can jump using the spacebar, avoid enemies and go through the rest of the levels, reaching the finish line.
Freeware | 15.58 Mb

No Form Man Jumper 2.3

This is a simple platformer. The game has simple controls, nice graphics, animations and music! Play New!
Freeware | 23.91 Mb