Software tag 'basketball games'


Slime Jump 1.3

Jump over obstacles with the space bar and arrows to reach the finish line.
Freeware | 29.95 Mb

Hole Dash 1.2

In this game you have to "shapeshift" (literally), to fit through shape specific holes. But, it's not as easy as you may think!
Freeware | 26.83 Mb

Walk With An Axe 1.7

Game about a guy caught in a maze. You have to solve it, while clearing a path with an ax. Show everybody what you can do!
Freeware | 6.48 Mb

Cool Car 1.2

This game is designed for recreation. Drive, watch, and relax. Download and play.
Freeware | 27.16 Mb

Way In Nowhere Run 2.7

WAY IN NOWHERE RUN runner about strange essence given birth as a result of nucleus blast.
Freeware | 24.86 Mb

Juicy Puzzle 1.0

Looking for some delicious entertainment? Get JuicyPuzzle and feed your hunger.
$14.95 | 5.29 Mb

US Interactive Map Quiz Software 7.0

Drag and drop the country names of United States correctly onto the map.
$19.99 | 4.59 Mb

Platformer 3D TPS 1.5

You play as a robot. You just need to jump on the platforms. All this happens with cool music and animations. Do not get bored, play !!!
Freeware | 53.90 Mb

Harzet 3 1.8

The sun is already rising, and you are already on your feet walking to your treasures. You will have to overcome all the obstacles that have been prepared, but you can handle it, be sure of it!
Freeware | 16.26 Mb

Orden Of Scarabey 4.8

Do you think that "betrayal"is just a big word? Do you think if you're the best, you will always stay on top? Do you really think if you know the secrets and you alone, then you will be left alone? If only. I took part in the raid to seize nukes ...
Freeware | 342.83 Mb

Shot Ball 4.6

You play as Fire Crystal - a great being worshipped by ancient people. You rescued them time and again from different threats including enemy tribes and forces of nature. Now mankind is threatened with a new danger.
Freeware | 5.61 Mb

Magus 1.00

Explore the vast fantasy world of Magus.
Freeware | 5.27 Mb

Egyptian Blackjack 1.0

With Egyptian BlackJack you will transfer into the past!
$9.95 | 0 Kb

Agile Lines 1.3

Extremely addictive five-in-a-row style game with JOKER balls
$14.95 | 1.31 Mb

Falco Cross 7.6

Play 3D Criss-Cross Game.
Freeware | 4.47 Mb

Living In Darkness 1.8

You are in the basement, but what is the basement? And that's what you have to find out. What is hidden in this basement and who lives in the dark. But still you are not empty-handed in this basement clearly someone has already been and weapons are s
Freeware | 0 Kb

Black Map On The Road 1.3

You play as a ship that needs to sail on water and kill enemies in its path with a bomb. Protect your ship!
Freeware | 20.62 Mb

Fen Sui By Zip 4.4

Press to flutter clumsy birds and see how far you can fly! Help awkward birds get home and try not to fall into the tube along the way!
Freeware | 9.68 Mb

Halloween Heist 1.3

Collect Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns in this Pacman style game
Freeware | 2.39 Mb

Mabii 4.9

Mabii - A small arcade revolving around a motorcycle. Your goal will be to ride to the end of each level without wiping out.
Freeware | 6.91 Mb

Pearl Hunt 1.00

Enjoy this challenging, innovative puzzle.
Freeware | 390 Kb

Virtual Cop 1.00

Defeat the robbers and get the money back.
Freeware | 2.74 Mb

Ice Hockey 1.00

Winning needs timing and fast reflexes.
Freeware | 384 Kb

Donkey Kong 1.00

A faithful recreation of a classic series.
Freeware | 398 Kb

Base Defense II 1.00

Defend the Earth from enemies and soldiers!
Freeware | 882 Kb

Square Dungeon 2 1.0

A game about the dungeon with puzzle elements, as well as stylish and nice graphics.
Freeware | 16.80 Mb

Stickman Sam 1.00

As a hardened hitman, eliminate your targets.
Freeware | 1.80 Mb

Lord of the Stars 1.00

Explore this cartoony Middle-Earth.
Freeware | 5.25 Mb

Clash N Slash 1.00

Face hordes of alien spacecraft!
Freeware | 879 Kb

Tap To Turn 2.2

TapToTurn is a 3D casual endless runner. Press "space" to turn the cube so it can go through the walls.
Freeware | 17.45 Mb

RPS 7 1.1

Tremble, mortals! What you will find in this version of the ageless game, Rock-paper-scissors?
Freeware | 10.22 Mb

Blue Block 1.3

You play as a red block, which must pass various tests. Jump, avoid spikes and help other blocks.
Freeware | 16.50 Mb

Quick Knife 2 2.3

This game is a sequel to QuickKnife. Different graphics, different sword. Management is the same: LMB. Good luck!
Freeware | 0 Kb

Car Racing 2 2.1

This is the second part of an exciting game with racing cars! In the second part you will see:
Freeware | 35.03 Mb

Jeleyca 4.0

Born Zheleyka, she was not like the others. Then one day she set out on a journey, but on the road much danger awaits and she cannot cope. Because she asks for your help, you must do so.
Freeware | 9.84 Mb

Fly 1.2

You are the last person in the universe. When your planet was destroyed, you controlled a space rocket. Well, you should survive! Good luck!
Freeware | 15.64 Mb

Park Racer 4.1

3D Formula 1 style racing. Face rivals on different racing circuits. Do have the skills to be first to the Finish? It's all in your hands!
Freeware | 7.24 Mb

How to say it in Russian 1

Just want to say that you have a very useful website to those who want to go to Russia and speak the Russian. Greeting People - Say Hello in Russian. Finally, you need to be able to ask how to say things in Russian or find out what a Russian word mea
Freeware | 8 Kb

Sonic Flash 1.00

Relive Sonic, the classic hedgehog scroller.
Freeware | 588 Kb